PNWGFA Annual Directory

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If you are an organization in the grain, feed and other agricultural commodities industries, we invite you to advertise your organization in the Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association 2022 Annual Directory. PNWGFA is a non-profit organization which serves to organize, promote and serve the mutual needs of firms involved in the processing, handling and merchandising of grain, feed, and other agricultural commodities within the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

For over 70 years, the annual directory has grown into a 200-page publication providing the most comprehensive grain and feed directory in the Pacific Northwest region. The directory lists 1,000+ member and non-member companies handling grain, feed, seed processing and allied industry suppliers in the Association’s four-state region, U.S. and beyond. The PNWGFA Directory provides you and your customers with the necessary contacts, addresses, phone and fax numbers, as well as website and email contact information. Unlike weekly and monthly trade magazines that may be quickly discarded, your advertisement in the PNWGFA Directory is prominently featured in an attractive and efficient reference book that is used daily for a full year. This all helps to enhance your business in the Pacific Northwest.



2022 Advertising Contract - PDF Form
2022 Advertising Contract - Online Form

PNWGFA is in the process of reviewing website and other technological upgrades that will allow us to improve our directory and online presence in the future.  We appreciate some members may prefer a printed version while others may prefer the convenience of online search options. The Association is dedicated to providing current and pertinent industry information in various forms in the near future and appreciate member input (and patience) as we navigate new platforms and options!

Your Directory Includes:

  • Beyond the standard information - the PNWGFA Directory provides you with the necessary contacts, addresses, phone and fax numbers, as well as website and email contact information.
  • Extensive Buyer’s Guide section - enables you to promote your products or services by listing your company’s name under the appropriate reference headings. Advertisers and members receive up to 5 FREE LISTINGS in the Buyer’s Guide per year (additional listings can be purchased for $20). Non-members can also purchase listings for $20 each. (Please note that the “Buyer’s Guide” section on this site does not include all of the specific contact details that our Directory does.)
  • Federal and state government contact information - House and Senate, Grain Inspection Service, Statistics, Warehouse Examiners, Inspection Offices, FSA Offices and selected State Agencies for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana are included in your Directory, with corresponding, up-to-date contacts for each.

Note: You only need to fill out your company’s information, check off “Added Buyer’s Guide Listings” in the Applicable Items section, and select your listings on the last page.